Working as a VR artist, animator and technologist for artist Ruvan Wijesooriya, “Explore the Expansion of Space” is an immersive gallery experience combining photography, virtual reality, sound and more.

Using the photos Ruvan took in Yucatán, we created a VR gallery in collaboration with the Boundary (a London based agency focusing on architectural visualization) in which viewers can enjoy the art pieces in a virtual world and be wrapped into a meditative animation re-created from the original photos. 

A more immersive experience we created was a 15mins VR meditation film which animated Ruvan's photos in an abstract and poetic way. The meditation space was equipped with comfortable mattresses on the floor which enticed you lie down and to relax. It put you into the heart of Ruvan’s Yucatán series. A tranquil soundtrack created by Gabriel Andruzzi from The Rapture plays as you experience the analog photography as an animated journey. The experience offered participants the space to escape from the city. Also, it’s an experimental piece that explored how we could bring VR and analog visual with minimal aesthetic together to create a peaceful while engaging experience for users.


Selected frames from the visual meditation:

visual meditation-01.jpg

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