Together with Another is a projection based installation that physically separates multiple users

on its two sides, while still allowing its users to virtually interact with each other.


Audio: quotes from Paterson    Music: Infinite Horizons by God is an Astronaut

The installation is made up of 2 Kinects, 1 projector and 9 see-through silk screen frames in various sizes which could be organized and assembled into any shapes. The frames are hung from the ceiling so that the space would be divided to two parts. People at two sides of the frames can see different parts of their own profiles and also the profiles of the opposite people be mapped and painted on these silk screens, as like users are in parallel worlds.

The project uses the concept of positive and negative space and projects the users in the color of either black or white onto the canvas between them.

Thus, the interaction between the people on the two sides become an experience the complexities of one on one relationships - the relationship of containment and balance, chase and capture, domination and submission.

The canvas consists of nine see-through silk screens that are in various sizes. They are like lens with different focus, showing the relationship of the two onto the same plane yet from different perspectives.

People who interact with the installation are assigned different roles the instant they are captured by the sensors. The screens divide the space into two parts, one side of it paints people white, another side paint people black. The white side is positive, the black side is negative. During the interaction, when I’m the white and you are the black, my silhouette and moving trails are always there on the screens, followed by you and exposed to you; I can erase you freely or wait for you to appear. When you are the white and I’m the black, I’m looking for my existence in your existence; I’m like a piece of shadow, that, without you, I cannot live fully.

Rarely or never, if our silhouettes are perfectly overlapped, everything would be erased by us and the screens are back to the original as if we’ve reached a balance that nothing’s going to distract us anymore.


set up 05/2017

set up 05/2017

the first prototype 04/2017

the first prototype 04/2017



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Featured at : ITP 2017 Spring Show | Home Audio Series 2018 May