window is a projection mapping project which created an illusion of sunshine shedding through an unknown window by projecting shadows and light on a wall. Designed for a dim close space of 2nd floor at TISCH, instead of installing real lamp, window is an approach to invite nature into this old industrial style building.




I first illustrated a blurred grid as the window. To add a bit more nature element and more emotion, a video of tree shivering was embedded to it as if there were wind blowing gently outside the window. The light and shadow would be gradually dropped and stretched through time, along with a subtle color changing from cool to warm, as if sun were descending over the westside. 

The animations of shape and color changing were done in Isadora as screenshot shows below:





#ProjectionMapping #AfterEffects #Isadora #VideoArt #Illusion 

* A better quality landscape documentation video would be uploaded soon.